The deep knowledge of the fruit and vegetable sector allowed us to grow fast become a benchmark for the agro industrial commerce of our area, making us the leader in logistical services to Switzerland.

Thanks to a widespread network of vehicles all around Italy, we are able to fulfill travel of full loads to Switzerland, France, Spain and Germany. We can also ensure the distribution in the north/center of Italy, availing ourselves of trustable partners in order to make our services faster and more efficient.



Thanks to our platform located in Peschiera Borromeo near Milan, which is a key point for the commerce involving all Europe, we are able to receive orders starting from one pallet, which will be delivered within the same day or in the morning of the day after. Using modern vehicles, we transport goods at variable temperature like fruit, vegetables, bio products, frozen or deep frozen food, cold cuts, cheese, milk products and all types of fast moving consumer goods.



Through remarkable investments in the purchase of specific vehicles for plants and flowers, we developed transports and logistical services from Liguria to Switzerland, Germany and France. All our vehicles are provided with carts for plants and flowers with hydraulic tailgate.



We own and avail ourselves of warehouses for the loading/unloading of cargos, the storage and the picking of goods, which are moved by qualified staff with several specific vehicles, following the safety rules.


We are in possession of the simplified customs procedure, and we are able to fulfill the following operations: Import, temporary stock under customs control (warehouse A3/A4), Export, transit and intrastate, Authorized weigher of fresh bananas.
We issue all the documentation (IMZ/T1/T2/Eur1) on the practices listed above.
We also collaborate with Agecontrol, Sanitario and Fitosanitario, which are certified corporations for product’s quality, health and freshness.



Using the GPS technology, our operators are able to control our vehicles (position and temperature), informing our clients about the situation of their shipment in real time.

Project & Infrastructure by Az-Teck & sr(o)