The Transport service

The transport service is widespread, developing the logistics from Italy to Switzerland, France, Germany and Spain. Expanding the distribution of agrifood and organic production to the GDO and markets from northern to southern Italy, of agri-food and organic products. The organization is managed by the operating department, whose qualified staff plans the logistics, meets the needs of the customer and on request carriers out AxA services (same day lead time) and AxB services (1 day lead time).

The Platform service

The platform service is distributed in 3000m2 of a modern equipped environment, totally cooled at temperatures ranging from -20°C to 8°C. The organization is managed by the operating department in coordination with the warehouse unit in order to guarantee the best service and attention to the customer, offering storage services, picking service, quality control, long-term stock of goods, even under customs controls.

The Customs service

The customs service, opportunely managed from the same unit, whose staff is professionally trained in customs matters, ensures the efficiency of customs operations, such as export and import operations with the issue of the appropriate certifications in cooperation with the relevant institutions.